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Empowering homeless children to survive and thrive.

Experience the impact

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Create a corporate-wide social impact

Tonight, over 18k children will sleep in a homeless shelter.

New York City - Coalition for the Homeless

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Their today does not have to define their tomorrow.

Dare2B’s innovative solutions consist of a seven (7) step holistic program. Providing homeless children with an opportunity to tap into their potential and become positive influencers in their home. Through this process, children enjoy developing skills important to gaining opportunities for economic growth.

Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth, those who care for and protect our people.

Nelson Mandela


We are more than just a team. We are a family united by a cause and a commitment to creating a positive impact in our communities.




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Founding Team Leader

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Equip, inspire, and empower homeless children.
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